Will 2016 be your financial Breakthrough year?

2016: Your financial Breakthrough year?

January 2015 I wrote out my goals.

I’m going to stop spending and start making money online.

I was in the frenzy of wanting to know HOW to do it.

But of course filling up your hard disk with information

doesn’t really help unless we put into practice!

You need to just DO it!

My wife was nagging me When are you going

to stop spending money and start making some money?

At least she believed that it was possible

I just want to make some money!

So I wrote my goal:

2015 is the year I monetize my know-how!


But sometimes you go backwards before you leap forward!

Is failure making mistakes?
Is failure making mistakes?

And I did some wrong move on my Word press dashboard

…and wiped out all my 35 articles on my blog.

In my misery, I found a photo of a boxer laying on the floor

of the boxing ring that, inserted into a blog post I titled

Knocked down or getting up?
Knocked down but not knocked out ?

“Knocked down but not knocked out”!

Just get up one more time

Well the articles are saved but I decided to start

a new blog in English (my native language)

http://wpbloggingmadesimple.com that would help people

get a money making blog set up.

You can download my latest eBook here. The 8 Dirt cheap Tools

I Use to Create all My Videos (including my home made teleprompter system)


Learning how to make videos was also

one of those macro skills that I learned

and you can see some of my videos on the

You Tube channel “Andre Amsing

If you want to follow what I’m doing to get online success

subscribe to my blog and You Tube channel.

Hope this gives you the idea of the path

I’m following to online success.

But wait the story is not finished!

From “knocked down but not knocked out

Internet boxer

Andre Amsing


P.S Take a look at my three articles

and videos for building a money making blog.


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