What is your best Business idea for single moms?

What business idea will allow a single mom the lifestyle where she has the money coming in and the time with her children too?

In today’s economy it is very important for a woman to have an alternative stream of income coming in.  Every that seems to be certain, can be lost quickly.  Circumstances can change quickly.  A low paying job can be an excellent second income and completely insufficient as the only revenue coming in.

As the family grows, buying power is less unless you have extra income coming in.  For women it is even more important to undertake a home business project.

Business ideas for stay-at-home moms
Business ideas for stay-at-home moms

I know that you have an aversion to risk.  But there is more risk for you and your family if you just coast along than if you go after what you really deserve: a lifestyle where you can make your living from home with a couple of hours of time investment and have all the precious moments you need with your children.  This is the subject of everything written on my blog http://www.wpbloggingmadesimple.com

It is scary to know that of the millions of people that live under the poverty level most are women with one or more children and single persons.

According to Kim Kiyosaki in her book « Rich Women », in the US

  • 47% of women over 50 are living alone,
  • 50% of marriages are terminated by a divorce,
  • In the first year after a divorce the buying power of women is reduced by 73%.
  • 3 out of 4 persons amongst the aged who are poor are women. And 80% of these women were not poor while their husband lived.
  • 7 out of 10 women will live in poverty at one time or another of their lives.

Many women depend financially on a man, their family, their salary, or if something goes wrong they will count on the government to take care of them.                                               That’s Plan A and I hope for you that things work out fine.  But I do suggest looking at the statistics.  It does not always only happen to others.                                                                                          A woman warned is a woman forearmed!

It’s just a question of having a Plan B.

My objective here is to help you realize that if you want to have the money and the time too, that it is totally possible!

There are thousands of women who have created their home business on line, if they need the money or not.                                                                                                          Of course it’s not just a matter of making money.


What can you learn by building a money-making blog?

*How to manage and promote a Web site

*How to market a book or product

*Better your writing skills

*Learn how to get out of your ‘comfort zone’

*Develop a network of positive contacts

*Learn how to set goals and achieve them

*Keep in contact with the working world while raising your children

Imagine being a stay-at-home mom, having the precious time with your children:

All the while being able to share through a blog the subjects that you are passionate about;

And selling how-to courses as an affiliate on Click Bank or others that brings in 2-3000$ a month!

(There are also home business ideas for single moms that don’t need a blog like described in the book below)


If you want more, read John Chow’s free eBook, ‘Ultimate Online Profit Model’ where this renowned blogger shares the three ways he makes money with his blog.  Download here.  It’s better to learn from the best, isn’t it?


Katherine Hepburn expressed it best.  She said:

Ladies, If they give you the choice between money and ‘sex appeal’, take the money.  When you become older you will see that your money becomes your ‘sex appeal’!

Having your life go from gray to color is just one click away!

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