The Three Online Business Models – part 3

In part one and two of The Three online business models we became acquainted with the once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity that the 21 step online course MTTB represents.  But what makes it even juicier is the access to extra bonuses unique to John Chow’s Elite group.

What is in the bonus package?

So much more to discover!
So much more to discover!

MTTB Elite is a special membership site where new applicants can find the help needed to get started with the licensing mode.  There are more than 10 hours of video training to learn everything you need to make money in this business.

WP Blog video library.  You have access to over 100 videos with the absolute beginner in mind.

                             Home Business summit free 3 day pass.  This is where the best online marketers like John Chow, Matt Lloyd, Terry Lamb and others teach their secrets and you get to shake their hands.

Free Blog set up.  The team does it for you, YES!

Warrior Software suite.  Five awesome Internet marketing tools that you can use to find high paying keywords, automate blog, forum and directory marketing.

You even get the license to sell them or you can give it away to build an email list.

Remember, I know you will get amazing value from this business but even if you refund your MTTB application, you get to keep this entire package for free!

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 But Wait, There is More!

If you decide after the 21 step MTTB course, that MOBE is something you want to do, you will be given an opportunity to apply for the License Rights program where you have a phone team helping you to make those $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions.  You’ll also receive my Elite Mega Bonus which includes getting your own Sales Funnel worth $10,000.

You may be looking at my whole sales set-up saying, “How am I going to set this up all by myself?”

Well you don’t.  Because we are going to do it for you!

You know the sales page that got you to download this eBook?  How would you like one for free?  How would you like your own eBook to give away to build your list?

You will be able to sit in (by video) on the best training sessions where the Top Ten licensees do a full days training session.  And you get to ‘look over their shoulders’

Your Own Bonus Package worth $4,997

 Being able to offer a bonus when someone buys from you is a great way to increase affiliate conversions.  That way you stand out from all the other offers!  But how do you create a bonus package?  Well you don’t have to worry about that because we are going to do it for you!  That way you have the same ‘secret weapon’ used by all the top earners in the business.

But there is no need to get ahead of ourselves.  Find out first if this is for you.

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Why am I offering all this for FREE?

 Well it is not for the 49$ of course, since you are getting more than $2,000 worth of bonus products.

But there are 3 reasons.

It’s Good Marketing –   I know that offering a bonus increases conversion.  I like to make my bonuses so compelling that a person would have to be brain dead not to take me up on it. This is the best offer you will get!

I Believe in The System – Matt Lloyd has created a system that generates more money than I ever dreamed possible.  And even newbies find it easy to apply the 21 step-by-step MTTB system.  Once you have gone through it you will be sending me emails to thank me…

My Success Depends on Your Success – Mobe pays me a 5% royalty if (and only if) I help you to make it.   That is why I’m offering to set up your business with all the best tools and training.  Anything less is biting the hand that feeds me.

But the real motivation is that we are part of John’s Elite team which is the most successful group in MTTB because he gives the most.

So Click Here To Apply for My Top Tier Business

 You are only a single click away from having your life go from grey to color!

 That is it from me!  I hope you have enjoyed reading ‘The Three online business models’.  It should give you a better understanding what it takes to have a really profitable internet business.

From here on, it is up to do the work and make it happen.  (Yes, there is some work involved like in any business).

If you decide to join My Top Tier Business, then congratulations!

I’m looking forward to working with you real soon.  If you decide that MTTB is not for you, then no problem.  I wish you well in whatever endeavor you might chose.

The main thing is to know that if you have the dream; it is meant to come to pass.  The only condition is to work every day towards your goal.

To your online success!

 Andre Amsing

 One last thought:  Just know that “the distance between not knowing what to do, and knowing more than 95% of the people, is not as great as the distance between those that KNOW what to do, but who just don’t DO it”!

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