The Best Way to Fail Even Before Getting Started

The Best Way to Fail Even Before Getting Started

If you are like me, I often download eBooks I’m interested by to read later.  And since we have a lot of demands on our time sometimes we never get around to it.

May I share a valuable piece of advice?

This is where most people fail even before getting started.  They never read the eBook!  You may have no idea of how valuable this eBook is.
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It is almost like getting personal advice from a 7 figure income earner.  John Chow will get you to focus on the right things.  You can actually get the opportunity to work with him.  And since he is not just a ‘talker’ but a ‘doer’, it may be a good idea to take him seriously.

30 Minutes to a Dream Life Style
30 Minutes to a Dream Life Style

Are you giving your dream the time it deserves? Is your dream worth spending the half an hour needed to read the 40 pages?   (I actually printed it out and underlined the key concepts with a florescent marker).  I figured that since my dream is to create significant retirement income ( it was too late for me to save), that it was worth studying line by line the advice of someone who created online revenues of 40000 dollars a month working less than 2 hours a day and after only 24 months.  Not only he has the money but also the time to enjoy it.  And with the Internet he has the option to live where he wants (summers in Vancouver and winter in Orange County California). Not only that but I was impressed that though John was working 70 hour weeks as a small business owner hardly making a profit, he knew that if he didn’t find the time to change something, he would be stuck in that situation forever.  And because John took his advice from people who had done it, whatever their circumstance, he now has time to live with his family. So who is this for? Those who desire to make money online but do not have enough time in a day to learn everything. You first need to understand the big picture.  John will give you a clear idea of where exactly you need to invest your time. But like John Chow says, if you don’t take enough time to study it, you are wasting your life.  You can get all the knowledge and tools you need, but those who succeed, like in any business, take action to apply what they have learned. 

      • If you are stuck in the ‘Corporate Rat Race’, and want out, this is for you.



Are you Stuck in the Corporate Rat Race?
Are you Stuck in the Corporate Rat Race?
      • If your retirement is underfinanced and you want to make sure your spouse will have enough, then this is for you.



      • If you are a woman or a single parent and needs an alternative and independent stream of income, then you will find the opportunity you were looking for here.



      • If you are at school knowing you are getting a diploma for job that probably won’t be there in a couple of years, or you are worrying about the school debt you will have to carry, Take a look at this, and learn useful information that will re-focus your career choices.



      • And if you are a business owner who wants to expand his business online to diversify his income sources and find new clients, hungry to buy digital products, then read to the end. This is for you!


  It is for anybody who has decided to tap into the multi-million dollar opportunities available on line. I would love to get some feedback from you.  You may have noticed that I wrote the foreword for John Chow’s book and that he has accepted that we work together. Since you are interested in online profits and if you need to talk things over, here is what I suggest.  We could organize a 15 minute Skype call.  Just contact me by Skype (andre.amsing) and we will fix a little meeting where you can ask questions. So I encourage you to take the time to read the book.  And then, if you want, we can get together to talk it over. Get your Ultimate Online Profit model ebook here


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