Small Business Owners: How to Stop Your 70 Hour Weeks Before You Lose Your Family Or Your Health!

Have you always been a hard worker but no ongoing revenues to show from all your efforts?  Do you need to back away from your 70 hour weeks before you lose your family or your health?

Will you need to work past your retirement age (until 72 in my case) to be able to retire?

Click on the link below this article to download John Chow’s free eBook The Ultimate Online Profit Model:

This is his 12 month plan to phase out of a time consuming job or business, to semi-retirement, creating (more than) full time revenues working 2 hours a day.

You know that anybody on his death bed will not regret the money he has or doesn’t have.  His only regret will be that he has run out of time and what he did with the time he had.  If you lose money you can gain it back.

(Though it has a tendency to “sprout wings and fly away” as the proverb says).

But time is like sand that slips through your fingers and you can’t hold it back.  It is like a sandglass.

The less time you have, the faster it seems to slip away.

That is why we can’t let our business consume us (even if we love doing what we are doing).

Are you 50+ and wondering if you want to continue what you are doing for another 15 years?

Or if you have a small business, do you have someone who can replace you if you need time to rest or take care of medical issues?

Have you just realized that you have nothing laid away for retirement and you are starting to feel worn out by your job situation?  That if you had the financial means and time available, your time and energy would be better spent on projects that have meaning for you.

 I have a solution for you.  Meet my mentor John ChowHe has been where you are now. 

Today he is a Top earner on the internet and in his latest book “The Ultimate Online Profit Model” he shares 3 ways of making money online and which one is the absolute best.

After many years as a 70 hour a week small business owner, John Chow was frustrated with

  • Not making any significant profit,
  • Employee problems,
  • No one could replace him when he needed a vacation,
  • Never seeing his family.
  • Even Sunday afternoons were taken up with accounting and juggling bills. He decided to go online and in 24 months’ time his blog went from 0 to 40000$ in revenues per month working an average of 2 hours a day. Now he has time to live with his family and time to travel when and where he likes.

In his free eBook, “The Ultimate Online Profit Model” he explains what business minded entrepreneurs need to hear.

With the right business model, you can have

  • more than enough money than you need to live,
  • having enough free time to accomplish every project on your ‘bucket list”,
  • And no longer tied down to a geographical location (most work is done online with a laptop and an internet connection).

What happens next?

When you click on the link below this article you will be taken to a landing page that describes John’s Ultimate Online Profit Model EBook you can download for free.  Just enter your email address and you will be able to start reading his exciting story right away.

Click Here to Download John Chow’s Early Retirement Plan

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