Small Business owners – Expand Your Business Online.

If you are watching this video you are probably looking for a way to expand your business online.  Since the economy is going online rapidly, it may be vital for the future of your enterprise that you learn how to expand your business this year?

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Well I have a solution for you.

Let’s take the example of John Chow.  He thought he would be free if he invested his time and money in a printing business. But he found in spite of his 70 hour weeks that he was tied hands and foot to his income creating tool.

His idea of expanding his business was to buy a second printing shop.  But that just multiplied the employee problems, cash flow problems, and he never had time for his family.

Even Sunday afternoons were taken up with juggling bills and accounting.

And this is the problem for most small entrepreneurs.  They have to have all the skills of managing personnel, getting clients, getting paid, having to replace employees themselves and often not having the means to hire extra help or even finding the right person.

OK they are probably passionate about what they do and motivated to persevere for several years if there is a hope for long-term profit.  But often they don’t get the best deals from suppliers just because they are small, and the reduced profit margin doesn’t allow them to expand quickly.

As everyone knows, expanding too fast can also cause “cash-flow” problems and unless you have a solid relationship with a banker with an “entrepreneurial” and not just an “investor” spirit you may go under even if you are succeeding!

Getting back to John, he soon discovered that he needed to expand his business online.  So he started looking for ways to expand his business.  He had heard that you could make money with a blog so he invested two hours a day and in three months he made it to $3000 per month. And he is known to have reached $40000 in revenues per month working an average of 2 hours a day over a 24 month period.  But as time went on his discovered another business model that gives him the money and the time to enjoy it.

In his free eBook, «The Ultimate Online Profit Model”, John shows you the best business model to expand your business online.

  • more than enough money than you need to live,
  • having enough free time to accomplish every project on your ‘bucket list”,
  • And no longer tied down to a geographical location (most work is done online with a laptop and an internet connection).

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