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Hi, I’m Andre Amsing.  If you came across this video it is maybe because you want a third person to give his point of view concerning Alex Jefferys new product Rapid Email Profits.  Well I think I’m qualified because I’ve been one of his coaching students for the last 9 months.  It is always an event when Alex Jefferys launches a product like Rapid Email Profits because there are many (would be and advanced) marketers that snatch up everything he shares about his online success.  Wouldn’t you like to pick the brain of someone who came out of 60000$ of debt to build a multi million dollar business?  He was just informed by Inc.com that his company has now entered the top 1000 fastest growing businesses in the US for 2015.

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That hasn’t come about by chance.  Alex Jefferys was smart enough to learn with his mentors how to get into the money working online.  More than that he studied and applied the simple steps he learned.  After struggling (don’t we all) for several years not getting anywhere, he finally invested (borrowed) his last money to get a mentor who would make him focus on the right things and the next month he made $27 000.

He has the reputation to tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.

So here are some of the things he will cover with Rapid Email Profits

  • Nonstop traffic. No sense fishing in a swimming pool.  You want to know where the hungriest fish are and Alex tells you.
  • Automated list building process: You set it up this month and it will bring in new leads almost forever without having to touch it.
  • How you get your emails delivered automatically so that once they are written you can relax.
  • How you repurpose older emails so that they become a web asset. You won’t have to write a new one each day which is a real timesaver.  I’ll let you in on a last minute secret.  Alex Jefferys is a master at writing emails so he is going to let you access his swipe file of the emails he wrote that got him fantastic results.
  • But he goes beyond just teaching you. He wants to help you monetize what you have learned.  Would anyone like to have multiple sources of income functioning on autopilot and keep bringing the money to your bank account
  • Do you need some time with a loved one for six months,
  • Do you want to finance a humanitarian trip for yourself or someone else?
  • Do you want enough time for extended travel or a boat cruise?
  • Or just plain have more money coming in than going out?

If you need to get job replacing income and you can do that with Rapid Email Profits.

I would say that the only area where Alex Jefferys is a bit weaker is in the area of video which is also one of the macro skills anyone wanting to make money online needs to master.

But that is maybe why you want to buy Rapid Email Profits through our affiliate link below this video.  We have a bonus to offer all of our buyers that will set you ahead of the pack:  The Tube Revolution Secrets video Marketing course where a complete beginner, following what we teach, will learn “How to Create their First Video in a Weekend”.  Here are three steps to follow:

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  • Second, Click on the link in the description below this video and get Rapid Email Profits  Go to https://tmpvp74.leadpages.co/rapid-email-profits/ 
  • Send a screen shot of your purchase to trsonlinevideomaker@gmail.com and we will send to your registered email the links to access the video training course Tube Revolution Secrets
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