My Story (part 3) : Make THIS year your best year ever!

January 2014 I wrote out my goals.  I’m going to stop spending money and I want to start making money.  2014 is going to be the year I monetize my blog.  I hardly had more than 60 people visiting my blog and my blog in French took a lot of my French wife’s time to take care of the grammatical and spelling mistakes in my blog posts.

Sometimes you go backwards before you leap forward!

And I did some wrong move on my Word press dashboard and wiped out all my 35 articles.

Sit down and have a cup of coffie
Sit down and have a cup of coffee

Well they are saved but I decided to start a new blog in English (my native language) that would help people get a money making blog set up and they could follow my orbit and join me if they wanted too.

This was my Plan A

But at the beginning of the year 2014 this is what I wrote on my vision board and dream card:  2014 is my financial break though year!  This year I will make money with my blog.  I was thinking I would sell one hundred kindle books a day even if I have to write 10 books to do it.  That comes out to 3000 sales a month at 2$ per book that comes out to 6000$ a month.  I will sell my own video course of how to sell and publish on Amazon:  Before the month of June I would sell 100 digital products at 247$ which makes me 24700$.  And if I can sell 100 I can sell 1000 to get to my yearly retirement goal of 250K.

But I was looking at a lot of work, though I have all the courses I need to get there.

Working on Plan B (I’ll go back to Plan A later)

Then I heard somewhere about John Chow who was a blogger that went from 0 to 40K a month.  I thought it would be good to find out what he did to get there.  When I found his blog  I downloaded the free e-book offer:                                                                 The Ultimate Online Profit Model
Get your Ultimate Online Profit model e book here
And there I saw the light!  He shares the 3 models he uses to make money online:

i) Affiliate marketing                                                                                                           ii) Develop and sell your own product and                                                                        iii) The license model.                                                                                                      By far the best rapport-work involved and return on investment seems to be the license model.  John uses that of MOBE to get high ticket commissions.

Why is that?

A)  Affiliate Marketing – If you do affiliate marketing and sell the products on Click Bank or Commission Junction you can get up to 75% commission but we are talking about making 75$ on a 100 dollar product.  It may cost you a lot to get the traffic and the buyer gets on the email list of the guy who developed the product.  You don’t get another chance to sell a second or third product to that customer, but the creator of the product does.  And the big time marketers make 75% of their profits on the back end products!

B) Make your own product – Like in any business you need to master a lot of variables like developing a sell-able product that really brings value to your clients, doing the sales funnel, getting the traffic, testing to get the best conversions (if you have a lot of unqualified traffic and no one buys you have thrown money into the toilet!  All is possible but in any business it takes a couple of years to start making money and you need to survive until then. But you can outsource it to people who are better at it than you once you are credible and have made the money to finance it.  So how do you get financial credibility?

C) The licensing model – This is where John makes his big money with Top Tier products. Bigger price ticket, bigger commissions right? If you get 30% on a product worth 15000$, it’s more that 75% on a hundred dollar product.  If you could license products that have a proven sales funnel to sell it and all you need to do is to drive traffic to it and you get the commissions on the low end products 100-400$, (range 90% commissions) up to high end products 2000 to 50000$ where you get around 30% commissions.

I saw there was a 21 step course (49$) to learn how to make money online with the top earners in this industry.  That seemed to me a good deal and what I found is simply amazing.  If you want to see a video on this, click on the link below:

Check out my next article on what I learned as I followed the 21 step MTTB course.

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