My Story (part 2) : Learning is not enough, you need to implement!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

In January 2011 I gave my business in the floor tile trade away to a friend and my innovative office supply client list to one of my colleagues for free.  I never got paid for that work.  I was going to take on a salaried position in an Swiss NGO a couple of months later but the Board decided it would be 7 months later in August 2011.  For those 7 months we were ‘walking on water’.  I don’t know how we lived.  But all small business owners know that no longer having a business, you get rid of the expenses too.                                                                                                                                       From then on, we were living better than we ever did with a good Swiss salary but that’s where you need to plan ahead.  So at 59 we started over.

It’s small but the main advantage is that it’s FREE!

We were able to move to the Lake Geneva area in France with just the minimum.  We got free housing (for 24 months) in a little 130 sq foot house but with a fantastic view of the sailboats on the lake and surrounded by all kinds of fruit trees and bushes (kiwi, cherry, apples, pears, figs, raspberries, strawberries).  The savings by not having to pay a rent allowed us to pay off the Social security taxes that were due.

I started learning how to run a computer at work.  Benjamin, a colleague offered for my birthday gift one year of free coaching!

Becoming a Media authority
Becoming a Media authority

The next spring (2012) I was back to the hospital first with an arthritis crisis for two weeks then another two weeks with my second double pneumonia!  I had never been sick in all the years I worked 70 hours a week and here I am only working 40 hours a week and in the hospital 3 times in a 12 month period.

Knocked down or get up? What you say is what you get…

It’s easy to say:

–  I’m too old to learn                                                                                                           – I’ve failed too much in my life.                                                                                           –  I’m no computer geek…

But there is something that the difficulties of life can never take away is your mind set.  And it doesn’t take any extra effort to say: Its better late than never.

I was 61 when I got started with my online business.                                                      18 months before that time (OCT 2012) I started to invest in myself and spent money on online courses to learn the basics of internet. At the  time I didn’t know how to do a Copy/Paste.  The learning curve was pretty steep but every week I spent about 20 hours learning on top of my job.                                                                                         I figured that I could use my money to study online marketing, so that I would have other options available if my employer would not need my services anymore.

In any case I didn’t want to have to work until 72, although I enjoy what I am doing immensely. See my Linked-in profile.

So I spent 15000$ on different online courses and learned a lot (Starting October 2012 to February 2014):

  • How to write your e-book and publish on Amazon (3 courses)
  • How to set up your blog
  • Marketing strategy to seduce your clients
  • Face book marketing
  • Media buying
  • How to make banner ads
  • How to make videos and do You Tube marketing                                 Please subscribe to my You Tube channel
  • Do a market launch of your product
  • Divers subscriptions
  • Auto responder (A weber)
  • Software for teleprompter, anti-spam software, Optimize press, material for studio, (lamps, background), Fotolia photos, audiojungle (music), Camtasia software for editing videos and so on!

During the summer vacation of 2013 I wrote several e-books for the down load I offered on my web site.  I also wrote 2 books and one translation to publish on Amazon.  I was learning a lot and I was utterly passionate about it but running out of money.  And I didn’t get through the learning curve to learn how to publish yet.  That will be for Summer 2014.

It actually turned out that everything I was learning was also very useful for the NGO I am working for so the book I wrote about digging wells in Africa ‘Gold is Blue’ and the blog I set up for a volunteer worker who wanted to tell her story, (in French) ‘ ’ and also 7 or 8 videos (See Morija ONG or Morija TV You Tube channels) on the different aspects of our work gave me the practice time for these different technics during work hours.  And that helped a lot!

I was learning a lot but not making any money!

So in January 2014 I wrote out my goals.  I’m going to stop spending money and I want to start making money.  2014 is going to be the year I monetize my blog – my money breakthrough year!

Find out what I was going to do in My Story part 3

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