My Story (part 1): Circumstances make you ask the right questions

Getting stopped in your tracks helps you to ask yourself the right questions.

It was a dark rainy afternoon beginning of June 2011.  The wind was driving the rain against the window pane.

It has been 5 days that I was in the hospital with a double pneumonia.  They had done all kinds of blood tests, sputum tests and others.  The Doctor came in with the chief nurse and sat tiredly on the window ledge.  We’ve tried everything, “Mister Amsing , we just don’t know what is causing this”.

For 32 years I worked two jobs or businesses at a time, 70 hours a week, and drove at least 35-40000 miles a year.  I never have felt as tired as I was in June 2011 and the doctors diagnosed a double pneumonia.

I had nothing laid away for retirement.

I knew after having worked as a small business man for many years I was nearing retirement and I had nothing laid away for retirement.  I would have to continue working ‘til 72 years old to get a full pension of about …900$.  On top of that I had been working on different ‘niche’ business in the floor tile trade as well as in selling innovative office supply material business to business.  I always have been a hard worker but there were no ongoing results of the work I had done. 

As I watched the rain patter on the hospital room windows, I started wondering what I could do if I had no possibility to work anymore.  And if I ‘kicked the bucket’ who would take care of my wife?  She could bring in some money but she will need at some point a pension plan to be able to live and visit the grandchildren.

It’s good to ask the right questions but it’s even better to find and implement the answers.  Go to Part 2 to discover my plan.

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