Marketing is like picking blackberries

The other day during my Sunday afternoon walk, I saw a huge blackberry patch ripe to harvest.  When I told my wife, she told me to go back the next day and pick a big bowl-full.  She already saw herself making a pie and a blackberry crumble and if enough was left over, she would also make some jam.

This is what my wife wanted

But she didn’t want to go with me to pick them because her clothes could be ripped by the brambles and her arms scratched.

To get to the blackberrie you have to face the bramblesblackberries for the taking

I was more worried that someone else would find the patch and ‘pick it over’ before I got there.

But as I got there, Monday morning, I was amazed that the blackberries were still there and… no one came by all morning.

Dreaming of a blackberry crumble

For the last 8 months, I’ve been creating my first digital information product with my brother Bert on “How to Create your first Video this Weekend (even if you are a Technophobe like I was).  We are putting a lot of thought into the educational process so that our buyers really learn to make their first video (which is a macro skill so necessary to succeed in internet marketing).  But it has been taking more time than what we thought. With other video products coming out all the time, would there be any berries left for us to pick?

The fear of others ‘picking over’ our blackberry patch before we get there, has some people stay at home instead of checking to see if their fears have any reason to be.  It is easy to find other reasons to not ‘go for it’, like my clothes are going to get scratched up or my hands are going to be all red and sticky.  The solutions would be to wear gloves and find some old gardening clothes.

But when I checked out the patch, there was no one there!

Here are some of the lessons I thought about while picking the blackberries.

  • The low-hanging fruit is easiest to pick but you do have to bend over to see them.
  • Usually the biggest berries are the farthest away from the path. You can leave them for the birds or blaze a path to get to them.  The path-blazing takes some time but once you get there the ripe fruit just falls into your hands.
  • Look behind you when you have picked and you will see other berries hidden from sight under the leaves. Of course you will need to lift the prickly brambles to get to them.
  • Nature has a generous harvest available for those that are willing to pick even during the heat of the day.
  • You need to harvest when the fruit is ripe. Too early and they are not edible. Too late and the fruit is eaten by the birds or the insects or simply rots on the vine.  But there is much more fruit available than there are workers to go and pick.
  • No blackberries crumble for you (with whip cream…) unless you take the time to fill your bowl.
  • Don’t expect many to come to help (though picking blackberries at the end of August was a Sunday afternoon event for many years for our family of 5 children).


What does this have to do with marketing your own digital product?


Do you see how this can have something to do with marketing your digital product?

  1. Many people are coming to the market, hungry for you to show them how to make money online. But you will need to bend over to teach the bottom of the class with easy to learn   Many product creators teach ‘over the heads’ of their students.
  2. Sometimes you need to blaze a path to get to the best fruit (doing niche and keyword research to make sure your offer reflects what your buyers are looking for).
  • Don’t think there is only one way to convince buyers that they need your product. Look back and notice those who are hidden in Facebook or LinkedIn groups.
  1. The harvest will be waiting for you if you are willing to go through the heat of getting the product and the marketing machine ready. My mentor Alex Jefferys says that there is no sense ‘building a list’ until all the rest is in place.
  • Niche research
  • Product creation
  • Automation
  • Sales and JV (affiliate) copy
  • Traffic


Confessions of a ‘late-blooming’ marketer

You need to know WHY you would bother to go through the work necessary to set up your product launch.  Here is my WHY!

  • I’m 62 years old and very little saved up for retirement.
  • I was fired in April 2015 from my last job and I definitely no longer want to leave my financial future in the hand of those who care less about it than I do.
  • In the actual state of my pension plan I’ll have to work until I’m 72 (another 10 years) in order to get a decent retirement.
  • I was able to provide for my family of 7 but no money saved up and still renting. If something happens to me, my dear wife will be in financial difficulty and will probably have to depend on our children.
  • I want to prove to my children that I was right to persevere in spite of many financial difficulties and multiple failures with MLM.


Ok, so I just confessed myself!  But you will have to find what will push you on through the brambles of the blackberry patch and the heat of the day.


But when that is clear, ‘just do it’ (instead of dreaming about it).  As you are savoring the blackberry crumble pie, you’ll say to yourself, “Was that all there was to it?”

Once you have written that book or made that video, it will last forever (which is not at all true for a blackberry crumble!!!).

And will even make you money if you set up the marketing machine correctly.


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