Make money with Click Bank (part2)


In part 1, we saw how you can start making money with your blog by selling the products available in the Click Bank marketplace or by selling your own products.


a)  How to triple your revenues with a Continuity program


Clickbank has noticed that infopreneurs with continuity (subscription) programs on the back end make 3 times more from the same number of customers, than those that don’t.

Right now the tendency is offering a ‘limited-term’ subscription or continuity program for a 6-12 month period.  The client can opt-out when he likes, of course.  But for you, it allows you a predictable income that you can use to pay a virtual assistant to get the material ready for your next delivery.

Often marketers have a supply of information they didn’t even write but they have the right to sell because it was a PLR (private  label rights) product or they got as part of a ‘business in a box’ offer.


A continuity program makes it easier for the client to buy.  The customer doesn’t have to do anything to keep buying from you; the monthly payments happen automatically.


b)  The blue print creates a predictable income model.


blueprint for predictible income


Once you get this model running, you will learn over time what percentage of your leads (people who download your free report), buy the front-end product (inexpensive 10-20$ product).  And you’ll know what percentage of these front end customers become back-end buyers and how long this process takes.                                                                                                                  If you want to know how much money you will make next year, you work on getting the leads into your funnel, to determine the number of back end buyers.


c)   How to find out what your next product will be


From time to time you can do a poll to research what your clients want to know more about or what problems they are stuck on.  This will help you to prepare a relevant product for the next cycle of sales.

Ask them what are the top five problems they are facing to start their new on-line business.  For the client these ‘feedback opportunities’ help them to feel more engaged with you and invested in helping you with your business.  You become someone who genuinely wants to know what their issues are.


d)   Useful advice from Click bank concerning Skippers and Collectors


As soon as your back end product is ready, have an ad for it visible on your website, because your visitors need to know that offer exists.  There are two types of prospects this will appeal to:  skippers and collectors.

Skippers don’t need to go through the ‘sampling’ process.  They are ready to ‘pay more to get more’ right now, and want the most complete product you have to offer.

Collectors soak up information like sponges.  They are so interested by the topic that they will get ahold of all relevant information.  They don’t buy just one book on the topic.  They buy every book.  So give them the access they want.


There is more to discover about this money making model.  Go to and ask for the free report, “Understanding the Infopreneurial Approach”.                                                                                                                                                             i) Start with the affiliate model                                                                                                                                        You can start with their affiliate model where you study the hundreds of offers available.  You promote someone else’s product by writing a (honest) review and sending your readers to the product through your affiliate link.  Click Bank takes care of taking the order, refunds and paying out the affiliate commissions, (up to 75%).                                                                         Click Bank has over 100000 affiliate marketers who sell the products related to their ‘niche’ to their mailing list.  And it runs like clockwork.

The affiliate model works with Amazon, Commission Junction and many others also.

ii) Then upgrade by creating your own product

But it is even better when you have created your own product and you become a Click Bank market place vendor.  You keep the commission off all your own sales.  And you have thousands of other vendors who are looking to promote your product.     And best of all, you get the email list of these buyers which allows you to offer your back end product where most of the money is made.


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