Learning a lot, but Making no Money?

Learning a lot, but making no Money?

After a year or two working online with my spare time

I had learned a lot but I was making no money.

But I had been entrepreneur and I know that

I takes a couple of years to get through the learning curve.

The main thing is not be desperate for money at the beginning.

Otherwise there are only two options: going into debt or getting a job

to finance the “distance between where you are

and where you want to go“.

I had heard that the secret to making money online

is getting a mentor that has already done it

and who will make sure you don’t miss any of the steps.

I was wondering, “How much it would cost to get access

to a millionaire digital marketer, and to be able to pick his brain”?.

Welcome to Newbie
Welcome to Newbie


The error of most newbies

When you dig into that concept of ‘getting a mentor’

who will make sure you get a ‘hands-on” experience,

you’ll see that the error of most ‘newbies’ is trying to go it alone.

There is not one marketer who has made it into the money

who didn’t find and pay for a mentor to help him succeed.

That is amazing.  But in off-line business it is true too.

To succeed you need to network with people who think ‘outside the box’.

My brother in Argentina told me that there was

an online entrepreneur who was having amazing success

and had more student success stories (look on Google) than any other marketer.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/iULWWyAqz5o” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

His name is Alex Jefferys.

I applied to his coaching program “marketing with you, not to you”.

I had to hustle to try to find the amount of money required to get in.

But actually my brother found the $6000 they were asking for a 6 month period.

So we made an agreement to become partners and work on this together.

And when you think of it, it is a small investment in the business world.

You can easily invest 50 to 100K starting up a business without ever being sure of getting your money back.  Most people (80%) who start an off line business today, in 5 years’ time will have gone under.  That’s like saying only 20% of the people driving to the East or West coast will make it….To get access to someone who not only knows how to do it but actually does it month after month is worth “pure gold”.

The fact is, a 6 figure income in any business is rare. They don’t just hand out that

kind income to those who don’t go the ‘extra mile’!  Even then there is no guarantee

for success.  You are the person who does the work to succeed, if you apply what is learned.  And even more important than that,  you learn getting up one more time than when you are knocked down.

Find out the next part of the story in the next article.

See my review video on his Rapid Email Profits course he is launching this month.

Hope you caught the secret to online success.

“On the road again” online marketer

Andre Amsing

P.S Go ahead and meet Alex Jefferys here.  I’ll tell you his story next.

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