Is it a matter of getting (or acting upon) the ‘insider’ information?

That’s a good question.  Every body gets his fair-share of opportunities in life.  But is it a matter of getting (or acting upon) the ‘insider’ information?

I often think of that warm and sunny afternoon late May 1976.  We were all a bit drowsy.                                                                                                                               Our high school business class teacher asked us who had 500$ available.  That was quite a bit of money at the time.  Five or six of us raised our hands.  ‘Well’, he said,’ I’m going to give you (insider) information that will make you rich’.


Honda 350 scrambler
Honda 350 scrambler

Who has ever heard of International Business Machines?                                                  No one had.

Put as much money as you can on buying their stock and your fortune is made!

Well I didn’t pay any attention to this information.  I only remembered it many years later.  I could have multiplied my investment by 100 or 1000 if I had done something with it.

But I didn’t.

How much did -not coming to grips- with this information cost me over 20 years?  50000$ or 500000$ or more?

Our business teacher was talking about IBM…

I had golden ‘nugget’ information between my hands and I didn’t do anything about it!

Investing is not the same as spending

My life for the next 30 years could have been much…so much easier if instead of spending my 500$ on the Honda 350 that I desired to impress the girls,  that I would have followed the advice of my mentor.                                                                          Of course we go to what we focus on.  But does the pleasure last?  When you think about it, the girls we not interested in me, just in my motorcycle…

I turned around and sold it 6 months later and got my 500$ back but I had lost contact with the person who had given me this information.


We all make mistakes but only the insane repeat the same mistakes twice!

We can’t do much for past opportunities lost except learn to recognize what an opportunity looks like.

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