How top salespersons resist negative influences (Part One)

Who would be interested by a perfect method to resist all negative events of the day and never miss a sale?  Well here is the story that explains what top salespersons do. But it applies to you too, if you want to keep your drive intact to accomplish your projects.

It was the end of June.  The weather was very hot but the Boss had prepared a full day’s sales training in the conference room.  After a delicious meal, the salesmen went back to the afternoon session.                                                                                                               The boss did a short resume of the technical aspects of the new products shown that morning.  He had always been convinced that a mastery of knowing the technical features of a product was the basis of all long term success in sales.  But, in spite of their efforts, they struggled to keep their eyes open.

Never miss a sale again
Never miss a sale again

And then he passed it to me.   (I said to myself that this was the most difficult time slot of the day, and the boss let me have it!  How in the world am I going to pull these professionals out of their desire to take a nap?)

Here is what I shared:

«How many of you had an appointment with a client, but who left just a couple of minutes before you arrived? »  Raise your hands please.

« Who has had an appointment with a client, who listened to all you had to say very politely but when you started to close, he says: ‘I’m sorry but I have no more budget for this year.  I can’t buy now’.  All the hands were raised.

How did you feel?

Mike answered, « I just did an hour’s drive to go and see him.  He could have told me on the phone.  I would have been better off going fishing that afternoon! ».  All the others were laughing.

I let them share some of their negative experiences about the sales they were counting on, but didn’t come to pass.

« That is totally frustrating, isn’t it?  But the worst part is what we say:  “The day is off to a bad start or is finishing like it started”.  We start worrying.   ‘How will reach my objectives for the month?                                                                                                                       “Frankly, we don’t feel sure of ourselves or our products anymore.  And each ‘No’ or client who is absent, weakens our drive to continue.  And in that case, we don’t try as hard to close the next potential sale that comes up. »

A)   My best sale ever

Who would be interested by a perfect method to resist all negative events of the day and never miss a sale? All of a sudden no one was tired any more.

Well, according to Behavioral specialists, most people can’t think about two things at the same time.  (Except you, of course, Mike.)  Laughter.

So it is probably better if we direct our thoughts in the direction that will produce the most sales.  What do you think?

We have the tendency to create a series of events based on insufficient data.  I did 4 sales demonstrations without a sale so the day is off to a bad start.  Other days, right from the beginning of the day, we did 3 demonstrations, three sales! (So that day is off to a good start)?

For those days, I don’t need to explain how to feel good about your day.  Smile.

But for the days where we are struggling, what should we do?  Does this interest you?

Yes!  « I have a lot of ‘struggle days’, so I certainly want to know! » said Mike.

You know that though I’m a Sales Director, I’m also selling on the field every day. I wouldn’t want to tell you anything that I haven’t gone through myself.

So I’m going to tell you about my best-ever sales day.

I’ll always remember the evening of the 16th of January 1988. My oldest boy who was about 11 at the time ran to meet me with the essential question for a family who lives from sales.  « Daddy, how much did you sell today? »

That way he could proudly bring this information to his mother who was cooking in the kitchen.  A good day, at that time, was 5000 French francs.

« Guess, » I said to him.  He knew that 5000 was good.  Five thousand. More! 10000 ! More ! 20000 ? More ! He started getting giddy. He ran to see his little brother. It’s more than 20000!

His little brother continued the bidding.  30000.  More! 40000?  More!  My turn, said Nathan. 50000 ?  More!  Mommy, Mommy, It’s more than 50000 !  Is that true ? She immediately came, carrying our baby.  60000 ?  Nat continued : 70000 ?  More ! Eighty-thousand ???  More !   He breathed deeply and closed his eyes.  100000 ?  A little less than 93000 in three sales.  The client that bought 84000 francs from me between 10 and 12am said I would be paid in 14 days’ time!                                                                                                 At that time, I was in big financial difficulty.  I absolutely needed the money to come in so I could pay my bills. (I had about 30% pure profit on those sales!)

After three weeks our accountant said that the money was in and that he could give us a bank check if we needed an advance in commissions!

We asked him if we could come by today away because our banker was threatening us.

All right, come…

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