How to Write your Ebook this Weekend (Section 3)


In ‘How to write your eBook this weekend’ section 1 and 2 we found out that it is easier than you think if you implement the plan that the best online authors follow.  Of course like building a model airplane, you need to consider that writing this book (and getting it off your bucket list) is the most important thing that you can do with your time right now.  And then you need to apply yourself to follow conscientiously the instructions step-by-step.  In Section 3 you will find the last three steps to getting it done.

Step 8: Have a transcription done of your recording

I'm putting your thought into writing
I’m putting your thought into writing

You can use the Dragon Naturally Speaking software but it is preferable to have a human being doing it because they will also (partially) edit your recording.  Expect to pay somewhere from 1 to 1.50$ per minute. Two hours would be 120-180$, but it is well worth it.  Pay some more if they will also edit it.  Give them a week to do it or give a bonus if you want it done faster.  (Go to  or oDesk or Elance to find the right person.)

Send your recording as a MP3 and the transcriber will get rid of the errors.

Step 9:  Find a good editor

You also need a good editor who knows how to correct grammar and spelling mistakes all the while leaving room for your style and personality.  They may tell you to change the order of things or that you need to rewrite a section.

It is worth gold to find the right person but it may cost a bit to find a good editor. The best thing is to give a chapter to several different candidates.  Pay each one their editing job but give the work to the one who does it best.

It may cost a little but in the end it is much less frustrating.

Step 10The final touch

You need to ask yourself if your audience hears your personality throughout your book.  That is very important to maintain.

Do the second editing job yourself.  You may want to add a detail, a fact, or illustration to beef up certain sections.

Why not add a citation at the beginning of each chapter?

Another useful thing to do is give an exercise (action step) to do at the end of every chapter.  This adds extra value to the reader’s experience.

Have many people check your work for mistakes.  Offer a little gift for any errors your readers may find in your writing (Can you do this for me also?).  This establishes a relationship with your readers and sometimes major errors completely missed by others show up.

Technical details:

  • Write the title and the author at the top of each page.
  • Place the logo of your editor.
  • Write the information concerning the author’s copyrights.  Do the same thing as in other books.
  • Do a ‘Table of Contents’.
  • You can dedicate a page to ask for comments.
  • If you have a page to list your sources, your book will gain in credibility.
  • Your autobiography is useful to position yourself as an authority in your domain.
  • You could have a page to promote your (upcoming) books.
  • A glossary is a good idea if your book is a bit technical.
  • Put in links to your blog or Fan Page.
  • Have a special offer (like a video).  Your book can be used to generate new leads for your other products and services.



Step 11:   So what’s left?

You need to get a cover done for your book.  There are many offers out there for do it yourself software.  At  you can get one done for a small fee.  Just check out their previous works to see what style you want.  This step is important because often a book is judged by its cover and you will be promoting it all over your blog.


We just learned that you want to offer something to your visitors in exchange of their email.  So why not offer an eBook?  We saw that if we commit to a weekend with a timeframe to go through the different steps, we’ll be much more productive.  We have probably been thinking about it for the last 25 years so let’s get it done!  These 11 steps are used by renowned authors published on Amazon Kindle like Vic Johnson and Jay Boyer but are quite useful in creating your own eBook for your blog.


This article is my resume of Vic Johnson’s ‘How to write a book this weekend even if you flunked English like I did’.  You can find it on Amazon.  I am also a student of the online course ‘Getting rich with eBooks’ by Vic Johnson,  The Number One Book System by Ryan Deiss, and Jay Boyer: Forbidden Kindle.

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