How to write your eBook this weekend (Section 1)

In Section 1 of this article, “How to write your eBook this weekend”, we will show you that writing it is not such a big deal if you organize and discipline yourself.   You know things that others may want to know.   Don’t give yourself the ‘time’ excuse.  You need TIME to get anything done, including watching a ball game or mowing the lawn.  It is the only resource on earth which once it’s spent is gone forever.  It’s a matter of knowing if it is IMPORTANT for you to get it done.     When you’ve decided, it’s easy.  You can do it in 2 or 3 days or by not watching television two hours every evening for a week (or two)!  How about becoming an author this year?

This is my retirement plan
Don’t bother me, I’m writing my book!

We mentioned in ‘How to capture your visitors email’ that you want to give a gift to the visitors that by pass your ‘store’.  “Come on in, I have something for you”.

What do I have to offer?

1)    It should be something digital like:

–         An eBook on a niche subject that has to do with the theme of your blog.

–         A video (a PowerPoint with your voice that explains something that would interest your visitors.

–         A MP3 where you read out loud your best article.

–         A book review or a compilation of three books on the same subject.  (It should be written in your own words).

–         A one pager, ’10 errors to avoid if you want to start your own catering, (French pastry, sandwich, lawn-mowing) service.

–         A poem with a background photo like this one. Click here to get your ‘Don’t quit’ poster!

2)    It doesn’t have to be long.  Twenty to thirty pages will be fine for an eBook.  What is important is that it adds value to the life of the person that downloads it.

3)    You don’t have to be the expert yourself.  Read what the most knowledgeable people have to say on your subject and do a resume. (I bet you’ve already read them!)


Ok, but why do it during a weekend?

A)     It helps you to stay focused on the objective.  You have decided that during a given period of time (Not necessarily a weekend) that:

–         You are not going to do the garden!

–         You are not going shopping!

–         You are not going to have visitors!

–         You shut off the phone, the doorbell, (better yet:  go off to the cabin at the lakeside, as long as you don’t check to see if the fish are biting).


You are writing a book!  The rest will wait!


I really am sorry to talk this way but it has been proven many times (in my life too) that ‘the distance between not knowing something and getting the knowledge (like you are in this article) is not as great as knowing what to do and just doing it’!


B)    You become more productive.  You need a bit of time to get into the writer’s mode but when the juices are flowing, keep it going.  You know you are going to this for the next 72 hours so you stay highly motivated.


What are the 5 steps you follow during the weekend?

a)      Choose your Title (a working hypothesis)

b)    Do research on your subject

c)     Write an outline

d)    Do an audio recording of your presentation or have someone interview you.

e)     Get your recording transcribed and edited.


Plan how much time you need for each step


i)                   Choose your subject.  Don’t hesitate to hone it down a lot.  You aren’t writing a novel!  You may need a minimum of 1-2 hours for this but part of the research can be done by someone else.

ii)                 Preparation for your weekend (1 hour)

iii)               Choose a working title (1 hour)

iv)               Research:  You need at least 10 hours for this or more.  This is the most important part!  If you have ideas and stories to illustrate in mind it will go much faster.

v)                 The outline of your book: chapter headings, the ten questions that people ask you about this subject, the 5 questions that people should ask you about this subject.  You will probably want to change the order around and will take you at least 2 hours or more.

vi)               Recording:  At least 1 to 2 hours.

All right, it may take you more than one weekend to make it but the question is, “Will you do it”?

We found out in Section one the best way to focus is creating a time frame that will make us do it.  We now know how much time each step takes.   And what are the steps we need to follow during the weekend.  In Section 2 we will study the first 7 practical steps to getting this project done, this year.

This article is my resume of Vic Johnson’s ‘How to write a book this weekend even if you flunked English like I did’.  You can find it at Amazon.  I am also a student of the online course ‘Getting rich with eBooks’ by Vic Johnson,  The Number One Book system by Ryan Deiss, and Jay Boyer: Forbidden Kindle.

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  1. This was helpful material. I like the outline and how simple you make it. The step by step approach to writing the ebook was helpful. I have written full books before and writing something short and sweet and effective is another set off skills that I need. Thank you. Bert

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