How to overcome fear of ‘video’ speaking?

Some people won’t ever get started with video for their business.

They are too terrified of speaking in front of a camera.  It’s like the fear of public speaking.

They freeze up.

Too timid to talk in front of a camera
Too timid to talk in front of a camera

Rest assured that you do not HAVE to appear in your video at all !

But we do want to be face-to-face with our audience, so put in your photo or a drawing someone did of you.

There are Different Technical Solutions

If you are feeling overwhelmed, the first thing you want to remember is that you have a mentor (or you can get one).

In that case you get to belong to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs 

who help each other find the solutions).

When you master the technical solutions…you make it easy on yourself to do what you  want to do…

  • Selling our products and services or working as an affiliate for someone else’s product.
  • Monetizing our online presence
  • Standing out from the competition so that we become the person to work with.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Q) How will you know what to say?
  2. A) You need to write out your script!

Secret N° 1 Take the time to script your message before recording.

By thinking it through you won’t have to ad-lib and waste hours of your precious time in the studio.  Just base yourself on already written material like the foreword of your eBook, the introduction to your annual report, or a document (one pager) you have to tell of the 10 steps to… or the 5 secrets of…

Secret N° 2

Use of the teleprompter and the editing tool.

 What if I stumble over the words and make mistakes?

Do you have to start over from the beginning?

Everybody makes mistakes; experts make mistakes too!…

But they use the teleprompter to make as few as possible

and the editing tool to get rid of the rest. You can edit out all the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ as well as the reruns you did or when you stuttered.  Just look for free editing software on Google.

Special tip:  If you had to do 3 reruns to get it right, when you are editing, it is the last bit you need to keep.  If you went on from there to the next section, what you just recorded was satisfying to you.  So the rest you can get rid of.

Just look for free editing software on Google

If not get Activepresenter:  A free video screen-capture & presentation software

Compatible with:  Windows

Download here: or for MAC

  1. QuickTime:  Apple’s powerful screen capture & playback tool

Compatible with:  Windows and Mac

Download here:

Are you afraid of speaking in front of people, much less cameras?

Secret N° 3

You don’t HAVE to appear in your video at all.

Make a Powerpoint presentation of your message and film it. 

You can make the Powerpoint yourself or have someone on do it very cheaply from your script.

Other important elements to make a good video.

  1. Sound – When you record the script of the Power Point presentation before filming it, the first possibility is to use the microphone from your computer.

(Check the settings before recording).

A better choice, if you want as little background noise as possible,

use an external microphone like Audio Technica ATR 3350.

You can also use a digital recorder like Olympus to record the sound track.

Tip: Clap your hands before recording.  this allows you to synchronize the visual of your filmed Powerpoint with the sound track. Then export it to Audacity for editing.

  • Record your screen – For those who want to know, you can record whatever is on your screen (including a PowerPoint) together with your voice in MP4 format with Camstudio recorder from Camtasia. Go to to download free or trial copies.

(See the training videos on Youtube on how to record your screen).

Q. What should I do if I don’t want to do my own voice on the video?

A)  Have a voice overlay done for your video

If you don’t want to use your own voice, you can find someone to do a voice overlay as well.

Go find someone on /

What YOU want to do is write the message and the call to action.

How to work with

Before choosing a ‘gig’, check out their references.  Look at the comments, the star rating, and if they are highly recommended.

Start small.  If you want to make sure the job will be well done, give a pilot project to be done to 2 or 3 service providers and when you find one you communicate well with and who does a good job, you will feel more comfortable to use them more often.

Usually they are very clear about what they will do for $5 and what extra ‘gigs’ you can get for an extra fee.  They will also give a deadline and will keep them too it or refund you.

What kinds of services can you find on

You’ll find  people that will do different kinds of videos and also a voice overlay service.  You have a Muppets show type video, speed drawing or video editing services.

Study the different services available

Two other tools that will help you overcome the fear of video speaking:

The editing tool

– And the teleprompter


  1. Editing out the mistakes.

(You can do it or someone on does it for you). Go and download the suggested free software.

2) Do your recording 3-4 times faster by using a teleprompter

If not you can use the following techniques:

  • Memorize your script
  • Use of a paperboard
  • iPad?
  • But the only way to look your audience directly in the eye (of the camera) is by using a prompter.  It is a Box with a hole in the back for the camera to film through. and a piece of plexi-glass placed at 45° angle that the camera films through. 
  • With the prompter you see the text scrolling in front of you while looking in the eye of the camera.  Underneath you have an old screen lying flat connected to your computer. 
  • Your computer has downloaded prompter software which inverse scrolls the document text (not word) you uploaded of your script.
  • I use the Prompt Dog software. See .
  • There is also a free trial at: So I hope any fears you may have to get started in this fanastic marketing opportunity will be alleviated with the last two articles.

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