How much are you worth ? – Part 1


Often in English speaking countries when we are talking about business people or politicians, the question “What is his net worth” seems to be vital.  If the man has significant success, then we can learn from him or trust him to take care of our interests.

Of course the value that we are talking about in magazines like Forbes’s is calculated in dollars includes his/her assets (market value) minus his/her debts.

One of the richest men in the United States, Warren Buffet, had a net worth of 39 billion dollars after the “subprime” crisis of 2008.  Before the crisis, his assets were worth 64 billion dollars.

Can we say that his experience and financial acumen plunged by 40% because of a crisis situation?


Of course not, but our way of calculating someone’s value may have to be reviewed.  The chemists used to say that a human being was worth about 8 dollars and 38 cents, in terms of water, minerals and so on.  With that way of calculating, we really are not worth much!

Can your net worth be wiped out by the waves?
Can your net worth be wiped out by the waves?

In our case, here are some other questions we can ask ourselves:

What is the value of our experience?

What is the value of every precious hour of the time that we have left to live?

What is the value of our capacity to learn?

What is the value of our perseverance?

The real question is to know how to monetize all of this value that is already in us. Internet allows you to multiply your time and make money with your experience, far beyond what we were taught in school.  But after so many years of just getting by in the working world we may feel that we do not deserve or are worthy of a life style that gives us the money and the time to enjoy it.

So in part 2, I’ll tell a story of how the point of view of someone else on your life may reveal to you that you are worth much more than you think.

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