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Maybe you are amongst those that dream of a home based business using a blog to make money. You have heard of top marketers (like Craig Ballantyne or John Chow) who work out of a tiny office at home, and have 10’s or hundreds of websites that they manage with the help of ‘virtual assistants’.  They have blogs that make money for them.

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When you have been spending money (rather than earning money) to learn about their methods, you wonder what they do differently.  What is the ‘mindset’ that makes all the difference?

We will get into the technical aspects of blogging made simple but I watched a video by John Chow that I want you to watch.  If you want to go somewhere with your blog activity, you need to think like these guys.  And what’s fantastic about internet is that you can get access to their way of looking at things.

In his video, driving with John Chow, he talks about when in the Star Wars saga, Luke Skywalker says he’ll ‘try’ to do what Master Yoda is asking him to do, Yoda says to him:

Do or do not.  There is no ‘try’.  There is no try.  Just do it!

John says he gets a lot of emails from people who are not fully committed to doing it.  They are willing to ‘try’ but they want a guarantee that they will make money.  Or if it doesn’t work within 30 days they want to be refunded.

John is making at least 40K a month blogging. And he is amazed that people just want to get their toes wet, nothing more!

If you go to Harvard Law School, and you say to the Dean, “I’m kind of interested.  I’d like to try out your classes to see if I like it.  But I need a guarantee that I’ll make at least 100K per year, thereafter.  But I don’t know if I have the money…”

The Dean will just laugh at you and tell you to stop wasting his time!

You do it or you don’t do it.  Stop wasting your time and money if you haven’t decided to do all that it takes.

It will cost you something in mental effort to change your ‘mindset’.  It will cost you something in time investment.  There is a whole new ‘paradigm shift’ going on that will allow you to have the money and also the time to enjoy it.

Of course you want that and it’s worth fighting for it!

You don’t need a lot of money to do cash blogging’.  You mainly need to invest in yourself, to learn about this new industry, from the best marketers who are making it happen.

But as for law school, if you don’t have the money: find it!

  • Ø Get it from the parents
  • Ø Borrow it
  • Ø Or work an extra job for it!


You’ll find a way to get it done, if you want it bad enough.


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