How Andre Amsing learned Video Marketing

Hello, I’m Andre Amsing an English speaking Canadian and I live in the Lake Geneva area close to the French Alps.

Overcoming obstacles

When I first got interested by learning video I wasn’t sure at all that I could learn it since I was 60 years old in March 2013.  Maybe I was a little bit too old for that.

On top of that, at home I was known of being allergic to anything technical.  I never put a DVD into the player if my girls or wife were not around to set it up for me.

What are you allergic too?
What are you allergic too?

But like you I followed David Jay’s LR Video product launch and I saw an opportunity to create backup income for my retirement.

So I said to myself that if I wanted to change my financial future, I needed to acquire a competence that will be needed in the following years like marketing through video.

How video helped me in my job.


I was working for a Swiss NGO and of course their web presence was quite feeble. So I created several videos to encourage fundraising for well digging projects in Africa.  I was able to raise almost $200000 with a partnership with Pentair, a multinational company as with institutions like the city of Aix-les-Bains in France and the regional Water Agency who invests 1% of their budget in water projects in undeveloped countries.

It was not only thanks to video, of course, but I was able to create tutorials on how individual groups and clubs could raise money for a good cause using a fundraising platform like Alvarum.  They could create their personal page to raise money through a solidarity road race.

I am persuaded that having this competence in video marketing is useful to get or keep a job.

The support that gives you confidence


The most critical moment for me was when I had to finish a video for the 35th anniversary of the NGO Morija ( an Open Door event that was coming up.  I was supposed to finish some videos to show our donors that we were able to use modern tools too.

But I couldn’t finish a video because the images where not staying put, sliding all over the place.

I cried out for help to David Jay and a couple of hours later he was online with one of his technical guys. They brought me step-by-step through the process (it was a matter of key images) and I got the video out on time.

I was impressed by how fast he reacted and how fast the problem can be solved when you have the right person helping you.

This was the support that gave me the confidence to keep persevering.

Why Google promotes videos over written texts.


Since then I have become aware of how important writing a good script is.  I learned that from Sebastian Night whose module on ‘How to write a script’ was essential in getting people to react to a Call to Action.

Besides finding it very useful to do videos for a not-for-profit organization, I also understood about how Google works.  If no one is reading your blog articles, turn them into a Power Point presentation and then film it following the steps you learn in David Jay’s video Revolution Course.

You Tube belongs to Google and gives an advantage to anything produced in video format.  Fifty percent of the visitors prefer getting their information in video format.  So that is what I did with my blog articles.  I turned them into video and got 8 out of 10 on Page One for their key word!

How to make your video stand out for a viewer?

Here is how my mentor catches the eye of his public
Here is how my mentor catches the eye of his public


Many people wonder, watching David’s videos, how does he get his ‘head’ to stick up outside the box.  He says you shouldn’t lose any time with that but that is called ‘pattern interrupt’.   You do something that makes the viewer want to stay to the end and focuses his attention.  And it also gives you authority as an expert in video. So I learned to master this too and now is part of all my videos.

Creating your own courses


Since that time I was able to create several courses that are going to be launched soon to help people learn video.

  • The Video KISS Method (VKM);
  • Tube Revolution Secrets (TRS-How to create your first video this weekend even if you are a technophobe like I was),
  • And several others including a membership site.

Frankly, I never thought that I would be so passionate about this!

Learning to do affiliate marketing with videos


I also created 15 videos to promote the MOBE offer as an affiliate.  They will teach you how to create a Franchise on the Internet for those that want to make money online.  The videos are found on my different You Tube video channels:

Eighty percent of these videos found their way to Page One for their keyword.

I was laid off at 63, so I had the time to do the work to create a cash generating activity.  With my partner we realized that we have the capability to help small and growing enterprises to gain more visibility online.

A lot of potential clients are looking for you but can’t find you.  So we are starting to offer our SEO services to companies who could benefit from our expertise in video marketing.  We will do a presentation video for their business plus another video that is designed to create trust.  Nothing is better than to see the face of the people you are thinking of working with.  We also have the capacity to find keywords that the business can position itself for.

The videos that explain the process are found on the channel ‘SEO Aravision’.

Why should you prepare your future now?

If you hesitate to invest in yourself just think of it as financing the tuition for a college education.  Think of it this way:  Don’t count on keeping a job for the next 40 years.  It just won’t happen.  They say that 40% of the existing jobs will disappear in the next 5 years and people who will make it, will have to create revenues online where there is so much to do.  And you can learn everything from the comfort of your home.

Our future is not to find a job but a lucrative activity online (even if it is part time). And there is a lot to be done in the area of marketing by video.

What makes the difference?


Of course YOU are the decisive element in the equation.  You can have the best course that exists but if you don’t study it to the end and do something about it, nothing will happen to create a new financial future for your family.

What is great about the Internet is that no one asks you about your age of the diplomas you have or do not have.  The only thing clients want to know is if you are able to deliver on what you say you can.

Like one of my mentors said:

“The distance in not knowing how to do it and learning how, is not as the immense as the distance between having learned how and just doing it”.

So let’s apply our knowledge and make money.

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