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Another great way to make money on YouTube is by creating YouTube channels for the local businesses in your area.  A YouTube channel can really help a local business thrive in many different ways.  A lot of businesses owners don’t have the knowledge and/or the time to sit and figure out how to market their business on YouTube.  However, this will create instant brand recognition for them.  Also, people have an easier time finding businesses through high ranking videos on YouTube.

helping a local business communicate 24/7
helping a local business communicate 24/7

How to have your business stay in contact with its clients 24/7


Another thing about YouTube channels is that they help a business to grow 24/7.  People watch these videos all day and all night.  They are also always commenting on them and sharing them.  Plus, this gives people a more modern way to present their business that differentiates them from their competitors that may only have an old fashioned website.

Why is a having one’s own You Tube channel perceived as worth more than having a web site?


Local business owner perceive YouTube channels as being of a higher value than other marketing techniques.  They know the cost of creating and running a TV commercial for their business.  So, if you can rank videos the way you are learning to do here, a local business owner would be completely delighted with your work and will continue to pay you for your services month after month.  The best part about all of this is that YouTube is only getting bigger and bigger, which means that even more opportunities will be opening up for you.  It doesn’t end there either.

What other benefits does a You Tube channel offer to a local business?


Here are some of the other benefits that YouTube channels offer local businesses:

  • People stay on site longer because videos are more interesting than written text
  • YouTube channels are 100% more engaging because people can like, share, and comment
  • Video changes a buyer’s behavior.  A video page has a 46% higher conversion rate than your typical website.
  • Video brings about a 139% higher brand association
  • Video has a 97% higher purchase intent, meaning that people will remember you and continue to want to do business with you over someone that has an old-fashioned website
  • Amateur videos actually have a higher brand preference because people can relate to them better
  • Videos ranks better on Google because of their thumbnails
  • 90% of ALL traffic on the web is forecasted to be video traffic

These are all things that you can tell your local client when presenting the benefits of YouTube marketing.

 How to create your off-line Video Services for a local client? 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do in order to create a channel for that local client.  Hopefully, this will help you to realize how easy all of this really is.

The first thing that you’ll need to do is head over to and click the ‘Sign In’ button up at right-hand side of the page.  When you click this button, you will be asked to log into Google, of course.  You won’t want to use your own account, however.  Instead, create an email account for them that is based on whatever business they are in.

Not only does this set them up to continue running their business after you get them all set up (on the small chance that they ever stop working with you, that is), but it also is going to make their channel more relevant when people search for related services.  Search engines love relevancy, and so the more relevant you can make something to your niche, the better your videos are going to rank.  Don’t forget, YouTube one of the largest search engines in the world; it is second only to Google.

When you reach the Google login screen, click on the ‘Create an account’ link below the login fields.  You’ll then be taken into a screen where you can create an email account for your client.  You do this the exact same way as you typically would.  There is only one key thing that you have to remember, and that is to make the email address as relevant to your client’s business as possible.  So, if your client is an AC repairman in Miami, you might make their email address something like  You might have to try a couple of different combinations before you find something that hasn’t been used before, but it shouldn’t take too long to find a relevant email address that works.

Some success tips when building a You Tube channel for your clients


Here are some tips to remember when creating a YouTube channel for a local business.  One is that you need to create an avatar for the channel.  This is just an icon that represents what the business is about.  For instance, if you are creating a channel for a plumber, you might use a picture of a plumber holding a pipe wrench.  Anything that applies to what the business owner does for a living will work.

No matter what type of channel art you create, you always want to make sure that you include the name of the business, the phone number, and a call to action.  Also, you want to add custom thumbnails for your videos, and you want to use social icons to the channel.  If the customer has a Facebook page or a Twitter page, you need to be sure and link out to it and give people opportunities to share the videos.  Give the customers as many ways to contact a local business as possible.

When you are running someone’s local channel, be sure to add videos regularly.  You don’t want it to become stale.  That’s not going to help the channel rank very well.  You want people to visit the channel regularly, and you want to keep the businesses customers engaged.  It is recommended that you get the business owner involved, letting their customers know what specials they are running.   You might also try to get them to run a coupon or some type of giveaway to keep people coming back.

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