Best Retirement Funding Tips: How to Create a Backup Income for Senior Years


If you are reading this article, you are maybe wondering “How can I create backup income for retirement”?  Or “when (if ever) can I afford to retire”?

 I understand your question because I’m 63 and was laid off from my job this year.


Besides trying to find a job when you are senior you may also have to continue working after retirement age to make ends meet. Many have to take any job available even at minimum wage which is quite possible in the US.  But in European countries and even in most developing countries the economy just doesn’t create that many jobs.

And if you need a full time income but need the possibility to work part time to take care of health or disability issues, only the Internet can make this possible.

 But how exactly should we go about this?

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Maybe like me you still have several years until retirement and need a profitable activity to bridge the gap?  Or do you already know that as a senior you’ll need extra backup income to be able to enjoy the retirement years?  Will you be like millions of others, having to take a 50% pay cut when you get your old age pension check?  Are your savings not sufficient to meet the needs of later years?

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 After many years as a small business owner, I realized that I had nothing laid away for retirement (my business expenses and raising a family of 7 had eaten up any savings I had).

 I started to study ways to save for retirement and especially find out how to be able to retire early.

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I came across John Chow who spent many years working 70 hours a week in his printing business, John Chow was frustrated with

         Not making any significant profit,

         Employee problems,

         No one could replace him when he needed a vacation,

         Never seeing his family.

 Even Sunday afternoons were taken up with accounting and juggling bills.

 That sounded like me but he did something that anybody can do to get his life back.

 What is retirement anyway?  It is not lying around doing nothing.  Active people will become bored fast.  It’s having the time to work on projects or be able to enjoy the family when we want and all the money we need to live and travel.

 So in his latest eBook “The Ultimate Online Business Model” John shows that retirement has nothing to do with your age.  It is a matter of having the money and the time to enjoy it.

 When he realized that the Internet can give you this lifestyle, he decided to take his business online.  And in 24 months’ time his blog went from 0 to $40,000 in revenues per month working an average of 2 hours a day.

 So if you are wondering how to create backup income for retirement, click on the link below this article and you will be taken to a landing page that describes John’s early retirement plan in his free eBook “The  Ultimate Online Profit Model” that you can download for free.  Just enter a valid email address and you will be able to start reading his exciting story right away.  See you on the other side.
Click Here to Download John Chow’s Early Retirement Plan

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