Baby Boomers: An alternative way to fund your retirement

When you are younger you never really study the figures of what your pension plan is going to allow you to live on when you retire. When it’s too late to save, you need to consider an alternative way of funding your retirement.

This man believed that he could even though he should have been retired!
This man believed that he could even though he should have been retired!

The crisis that leads to opportunity                                                                            That’s what happened to Mister Sanders at 65.  He had just sold off his gas station and paid off his debts.  There was nothing left over to live on.  When he got his first pension check, he exclaimed, ‘I’ll never be able to live with this!’  This crisis led to the opportunity to build the world renowned fast food franchise called ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’.  And he died a millionaire.                                                                                                                                                                                                     He was forced by the circumstances set up an alternative retirement program.  The extra effort didn’t bother him that much because he basically sold his know how of how to cook chicken in a batter with 11 family-secret herbs.  And it went ‘viral’ because everyone told others that his chicken was ‘finger lickin’ good’.

And he sold his franchise to the young guys who wanted a sure step-by-step way of making money and were willing to put in the time.

Our retirement foundation is weak and our edifice is in danger of crashing   

Is your edifice leaning dangerously because of weak foundations?
Is your edifice leaning dangerously because of weak foundations?

                                                                                                                                                In the countries of in the world where the population is aging and the economy is in recession more money is taken out of the pension plans than what is put in. Every day there is talk about pushing back the age of eligibility and reduction of benefits.                       It’s like the tower of Pisa that I visited this summer (2014).  It’s beautiful architecture but because of weak foundations, it’s leaning dangerously.

Maybe you have worked all your life like a dog but after business expenses, taxes, and college education there never was enough to save up for retirement.  Maybe you thought that when the children are able to pay their own way, you’ll be able to start saving.  But they may come back home after a divorce or losing a job. And the interest rates have never been lower.  Then 2008 came along and your 401 K was ‘downsized’ to a 201 K or less.  We are living longer too so we need more long term financing.

Maybe your retirement funding is going to be non-existent or completely insufficient to enjoy it.  We all want more than the bare minimum and means to travel.  (Leave hitchhiking to the youngsters).

My point here is if you’re counting on traditional methods of securing your future in retirement, you might be in for a big shock!
How can I ‘shore up’ my retirement?
I came to that conclusion several years ago and decided to do something UN-traditional.

I want you to consider that there are many alternative means to fund your retirement even if you are running late and retirement seems more of a dangerous time than an enjoyable time.

One of my main retirement plans has:

* No risky stock market investment
* No high-fees Mutual Funds
* No almost zero rate CDs
* No almost zero rate Bonds
* No huge investment

Now you do have to put some sweat equity into this, but that seems more reasonable to me than ‘gambling’ my hard earned salary on high risk investment. And the best news is that you don’t have to wait until retirement to start collecting.

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John is one of my mentors.  I don’t have enough time left to go down rabbit holes to find the next best business.  Like with Colonel Sanders you want a sure fire step-by-step method that won’t waste your time or money.  (Money you can get back but time, once you’ve used it, is gone forever!                                                                                                    The legendary Jim Rohn talks about two questions he learned to ask early in his career:

“Do you mind if I ask you one of the most important questions you’ll ever be asked in your life?”

“Have you found the opportunity that’s going to take care of you and your family for the rest of your life?”

I’m 61 in 2014 and being for a long period a small business owner with few retirement savings you can understand why I have been studying this question intensely for the last 18 months.  If you’d like to know what solution I’m applying and how I am answering this vital question, download John Chow’s free eBook ‘Ultimate Online Profit Model’


The lack of retirement funding is the next time bomb awaiting our country.  In fact the baby boomers are already grappling with this.  But if you’ve gotten off to a late start in the work market because of university time or years of part time jobs or missing several years of employment for raising children, then this is for you too.  To create that extra cash to fund your retirement without it taking away from your lifestyle is what we are looking for.

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