Are you a military Veteran looking for a self-employment or business opportunity?

Would you like to create your own internet franchise working closely with an experienced mentor?

It is recognized that veterans have a lot of success with franchises,

  • Because they have leadership skills,
  • Know how to take action and
  • Follow a step-by-step proven method.

One of every 7 franchises is owned by a veteran.  But creating a profitable online business is like going back to school to learn new skills.  There is a learning curve to go through.  You can learn from your home by video conferences, webinars and digital materials.  But everyone who has succeeded online will tell you that when they got personal coaching by a mentor is when everything changed for them.

With my brother we have partnered with John Chow who is known for going from $0 to $40,000 per month with his blog over a period of 2 years working an average of 2 hours a day.  He now has been featured in many magazines including Time and Entrepreneur magazine.  And the main question he gets is, “How did you do it”?

Today he still blogs but it is not his only way of making money online.


If you want to know more, click on link below this article now to download John Chow’s free eBook The Ultimate Online Profit Model

This is his 12 month plan to create a profitable high end income online business from your home.  (You have been away enough.)


  • Do you need a transition time before working 12 hour days with your business?
  • Are you disabled and not able to lift physical products?
  • You have access to grants and loans but you don’t know if you want to take on too much financial risk.

Then I may have a solution for you.  John Chow is a top earner in one of the fastest growing internet franchises in the world.  And in his book, “The Ultimate Online Profit model” he talks about the dot com lifestyle he was able to create in 12 months’ time.

He shares the 3 business models to make money online and which on gives him the time freedom he desired after working 70 hour weeks for years with his printing business. He has the possibility to be a stay at home Dad and husband because he doesn’t have to work more than 2 hours a day.

His business creates the profits necessary to meet his family needs as well as any project he wants to support.  And since it is an internet based franchise, he can run it from the beach or wherever he is in the world as long as he has a laptop and an internet connection.

What happens next?

When you click on this video you will be taken to a landing page that describes John’s Ultimate Online Profit Model EBook you can download for free.  Just enter a valid email address and you will be able to start reading his exciting story right away.

Click Here to Download John Chow’s Early Retirement Plan

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