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My name is André Amsing and I'm 61 years old.  Raised in Canada in a family of Dutch immigrants, I met a French woman in Wales.  We raised our family in France.

That's where my work experience was developed:

1) Direct sales, motivation, recruitment, and training in the MLM industry.

2) Sales director and salesperson in direct sales B to B in innovative office supply material.

3) Creator of several small 'niche' businesses in floor tiles trade.

4) Now 'Partnership coordinator' for a NGO.

On WP blogging made simple.com, discover with me, how simple it is to set up a money making blog.

Learn the steps to set up one or several 'web properties' that can change your financial future in a big way.

Master the skills and the mind set you need.

Action comes before motivation.  Like they say in France:  'The appetite comes as you start to eat'.

So find your WHY in the first articles of the Blog "9 good reasons to build your own money making blog".

HOW to do it, is the subject of my articles.



P.S.  The picture is 20 minutes from where we live.  Well maybe 120 minutes with the time needed to climb up to see the view!