A five step plan to get ‘credibility’ when you want to sell a video product online – Part two

When a budding Internet marketer is just getting started with his online business, he doesn’t feel credible even if he has an expertise.  Who will buy my product offer or services? Here is part two with more important things to know when getting started making money online.

Credible or plausible even while driving a bicycle?
Credible or plausible even while driving a bicycle?
  • The clients don’t buy a product because it looks nice on the outside but because they want the content. A book with a nice looking cover may sell for $30-40.  The same client may spend $247 for the same content if they can consume it as a home study course with video, audio, and a practical workbook or eBook.  It can be worth even more if you add bonuses.

The famous painting of the Mona Lisa, in terms of cost for the material is worth little: a bit of paint, brushes and canvas, the time of the painter and his model.  But the perceived value seen by the experts and the public, makes it, well…this painting cannot be priced.  So the content of your product may have a perceived value far beyond the asking price

Once success is there, it is easy to base your sales copy on past successes.  But what do you do if you haven’t gotten into the money yet?

I remember in May 1980 I was doing MLM and struggling to build my distribution team.  Of course, I had several things against me.  I was an English Canadian working in France (my wife is from there) and I hardly spoke French.  I didn’t know anybody and I drove …euh a bicycle because I had no money for a car.

And before going to a meeting to tell people how I was going to help them to make money, I hid my bicycle behind a bush.  I wanted to make it but I didn’t feel very credible!

Then I went to a conference in Dallas and I learned the principle of « posturing ».  The idea is to play a character role (like in theater) and soon you become that person.  I’m not talking about “faking it until you make it” because you will always seem fake UNLESS you are put your knowledge into practice.   But I was going out and doing it with determination.  If you do what you are asking others to do, even if you are not successful at it yet, you are maybe not credible, but at least you are plausible.  So I developed a script that I memorized.                                                                                                                                  Every time I met potential prospects, when they asked me what I was doing for a living, I said: « I represent a big American organization that helps ordinary people like you and I to diversify and increase their revenues.  We are looking for people who are competent in the area of teaching, leadership and perhaps sales.  Do you have anyone you can refer me to?”

Well believe it or not, 4 months later I had an organization of more than 200 people.  And I no longer had to prove anything!

At the beginning people may feel you are putting them on, though if what you are teaching is plausible, they are not sure. But when you start getting results, you automatically become credible.


  • You can also hire the services of an « expert » to do the talking for you ». There are lots of experts who do absolutely not know how to sell a product.  Have you heard of Earl Nightingale?  He was not the one who wrote « Think and grow rich».  That was the work of a lifetime of Napoleon Hill.  But when Bob Myers of the Success Motivation Institute asked Earl to read the text on magnetic tape to turn this information into cassettes so people could listen while driving or working, he had a choc!  This was the answer he had for years, “Why is my family so poor and others so rich?”  He was not chosen because he was the “expert” but because he had a likable voice on radio (he worked for the local radio station).  So a simple disk-jockey was able to create the first personal development company.  His recording, « the Strangest Secret” that explains the principle « We become what we think about », was the first vinyl disk to sell at more than 1 million units.  He was able to build on Napoléon Hill’s expertise to that he became himself the expert that thousands of business leaders listened too.


Dan Kennedy himself asked the question to Earl Nightingale before he died in 1989.  Are the clients more interested by the author of the product of by the product itself?  There was no hesitation in his answer.  “The product, there is no doubt”.

So I suggest you act on the principle that my online coach Alex Jeffreys teaches, “Learn, Apply and when that is done you are credible to Teach! It is doing it that makes you credible.

The clients are asking for someone to do a good resume to remind them of what they probably know already!

So we just saw several principles that if followed makes your product offer credible:

  • You know more than 95% of those that listen to you. That’s what makes you the expert.
  • People are willing to pay someone to organize the information for them.
  • The first product people buy is your personality and if you are convinced yourself, they will find you plausible.
  • People want the content and if the value is perceived to be high because of the different formats by which they can consume the content, the price is not important.
  • You can hire the services of someone else (outsourcing) to do the talking for you.


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