A five step plan to get ‘credibility’ when you want to sell a video product online – part one.

When we are a beginner in doing training videos, and we want to communicate about our products offer or services, sometimes we just don’t dare!  We don’t feel credible enough.  Is that your case too?   You don’t want to show your face on any video.

Before we go on, let me just say that you don’t have to be physically present yourself on your video at all.  And I will show further in this text how to go about that.

Alex Jefferys helps 'newbies' succeed online.
Alex Jefferys helps ‘newbies’ succeed online.

But I have some thoughts to share that will help.  The first part of this article will help you to change perspective by knowing the difference between the word ‘credible’ and the word ‘plausible’.   We will give some motivational examples and then I also have some further strategies from Dan Kennedy in the second part.

Though Bill Gates started from zero in his garage at one time, his dream that there would be a portable Computer in every home someday was plausible though he himself was not at all credible being a college (Harvard) dropout.

We too have a hard time believing that our mailing list could be interested by our knowledge since there are so many other marketers so much more gifted than us.

So I’m going to share some advice from one of the best marketers in the world. (Dan Kennedy).

  • If you know something that 95% of your clients are unaware of, you are the “expert” in their eyes!

In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.  Even with an average knowhow, you stand out for those who do not know.  And don’t assume that everybody should know this.  You have the right (and maybe the responsibility) to make this information available.

Of course you are going to get paid for your research time and the work of getting the information organized and available at the same place.  If not you won’t have the means to continue.  You clients will understand that totally. In fact they often buy just to thank you for all the information you have given them for free.

  • Information that is available and for free on the internet may be a vital piece of information at a given moment for your client. And he would be willing to pay a lot to have immediate access without spending the time to look for it.  If you are in the right place at the right time, you get the order!  When you’ve been driving for hours and you need a coffee, you accept paying 3 or 4 times more expensive than the price of a coffee at home.  We need it now and we don’t even look at the price.
  • The first product your clients are buying is you and your personality. They also buy the belief you have in your own product.  « If you are convinced,  you will be convincing ».

Maybe you see another infopreneur selling thousands of copies of a course in your expertise and you haven’t sold any or so few.  You may not feel credible.  But your material may be very plausible with top quality research and teaching.  That’s all they are looking for.

Hot tip: Usually someone who is interested by a subject will buy all that is available.  And that means your stuff too.

  • Nothing stops you from asking the leader in the niche to give his advice on your product or even to write the foreword. The third party testimonial is very powerful and provides the social proof needed for your product.
  • You could also decide to do a free or paid seminar on the subject. Even if there are only 10 people present you can film their testimony or have them do it in writing.  You can offer a free review copy on a forum and ask for testimonials.
  • Why not interview the leader(s) in your category. They might want to help you.   You surf on their success by association.  You become credible because you have met them; you went to a Mastermind with them.  Don’t say anything that is not true but you can say, (which is my case) « I’m a student of Alex Jeffreys, Ryan Deiss, Vic Johnson, Matt Lloyd, John Chow or others. ».

In the second part of this article “A five step plan to get ‘credibility’ when you want to sell a video product online – part two”,

we will be looking at two other ways of getting credibility that all budding internet marketers can easily implement to get their business off the ground.

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