9 good reasons to build your own money making blog (part 1)


We all want to know the technical stuff about how to build a successful blog ‘cash machine’.

But it’s knowing WHY you want or need to do it that will carry you through the ‘leveling off’ phases where you are wondering what to do next.  You need to have a good reason; a gut reason to do what has to be done.  So here I’m going to give you 9 good reasons to build your own money making blog.  Take your pick!

This is my retirement plan
This is my retirement plan

First of all, I want you to listen to John Chow’s video on the .com lifestyle.  The video itself is not fantastic.  But just hear the message.  John Chow was not bogged down by his poor technical capacities.  He doesn’t have good grammar.  There are spelling mistakes.  Sometimes his videos are poorly made.  He doesn’t know anything about coding, web design, and so on but he makes 40K a month.

HE just did it!

He had a reason.  He hated traffic jams!

He didn’t want to waste his life between the four walls of an office making someone else rich.

So here is John’s video on the dot com lifestyle.

So here are the 9 good reasons to do what it takes to have your own money making blog. See the video here.

1)    Retirement plan

Many seniors are wondering when they will be able to retire with some money in their pockets.  Will I be able to keep my job ‘til 65? Will I have to work until 72 years old to get a full pension?    I just don’t feel like working like a dog anymore.  I just can’t keep up.

First of all who says you have to work until you are 65 years old?  It’s not a matter of age but having enough money coming in to retire.


You are maybe older (I’m 61 in 2014))but you can make money from the experience you have acquired.  Learn how to write a book to publish on Amazon, a video training series or email courses.  There are people who are smart enough to invest a bit of money and gain years of learning time by using other people’s know-how.


 There are thousands of bloggers who have multiple streams of income coming in.  They do ‘niche marketing’ and offer through affiliate programs  like that of Amazon, Commission Junction, Click Bank  products that specific groups of people are interested in.


They make a good living and only work 10 to 15 hours a week.

Need to get to know these people, right?


Even if you are 5 years away from your goal, you start working towards it now because you can get your time investment back very quickly.


2)    A woman’s dream

Most women have a financial disadvantage in the working world.  They just don’t make as much as the men for the same job.  Well this is not at all true of the Internet blogging world.

Bloggers freely share their insights and knowledge and there isn’t a competitive spirit.  This seems to be closer to the woman’s way of doing things.

Imagine being able to be a stay-at-home-mom, not losing a single moment of those precious moments with the children (and your lover too).  But also being able to share something that you are passionate about:  book reviews, container gardening, patchwork, couponing.

Imagine bringing in 2 to 3,000$ a month all the while investing only 10-15 hours a week of your time, would it be worth learning how? 

Of course it would!


3)    Upgrade your personal  market value

You develop your professional competence by having a blog. And you stay in contact with the working world even if for a time you are unemployed or underemployed.

What can you learn by blogging?

  • How to manage and promote a Website
  • How to market a book or product
  • Better your writing skills.  According to Reader’s Digest your mastery of vocabulary is one of the decisive factors in getting high paying jobs.
  • Learning  to get out of your ‘comfort zone’
  • Develop a network of positive, active contacts that can coach you to success.
  • Learn how to set a goal and achieve it.


Do you think a boss would fire a person like you? He would be crazy not to keep (or hire) a positive, idea creating, goal setting person like you.

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In the next post I will share the other 6 Reasons to create your own money making blog.


I’d love to hear your reason to blog.  Please post your comments below
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