9 good reasons to build your own money making blog (part 3)


In the first two sections of this 3 part series on 9 good reasons to build your own money making blog,    we talked in part one about:

a)     John Chow’s dot com lifestyle video and how he just did it in spite of technical and linguistic difficulties.

b)    That there are 9 good reasons for building your own money making blog and that you need to find yours to get through the learning curve.

Reason 1 – Take care of your retirement plan


Reason 2 – A dream life-style for a woman

(You deserve it, don’t you?)


Reason 3 – Upgrade your work market value


In the second part of this series:  ‘9 good reasons to build your own money making blog’ we said that everyone wants to know how to do it on the technical side but knowing HOW doesn’t lead necessarily to action.  The WHY you do it will drive you to put your knowledge into practice.  It is much more important than the HOW.

Reason 4 – A blog gives you the opportunity to be

creative and feeling fulfilled


Reason 5 – You can build a blog with very little

financial investment, so there’s no risk involved.


Reason 6 – Create financial security even in unstable times.


And now, here are the last three reasons.  (Unless you can find some other reasons for me.)

See the video, 9 good reasons Part 3 here

7) No geographical limitations


One of the best known experts in the survival field in France (where I live) who sells some 10,000 books on Amazon every month lives in…Montana.

With the income stream from your blog you can live anywhere you like
With the income stream from your blog you can live anywhere you like

With a blog you can live where you want.  Being tied to a job location is no longer pertinent!  That IS real freedom.  How much do we do every day that we don’t want to do but that we have to do to keep food on the table?

Do you want to spend some time (several months) in the French Alps?  What about Marrakesh?  Austria, Paris, Cancun?

What about doing some mission or humanitarian work for a time.  You can write your articles for your blog from anywhere, can’t you? Even on the beach.

What about having the time to visit with people that you love to be with?

We are in the middle of a paradigm shift (a new way of thinking and doing) that most of the world can’t even dream about.  And you have access to this!

8) Automatic sales and delivery procedures


There are many automatic sales process systems out there.

  • Did you know that once your sales letter has been written (with very few modifications) it can continue to bring in money for years to come?
  • Do you know that your FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) can treat 95% of what your clients are asking?
  • And the software available allows you to get orders from most countries in the world 24/7.  That beats having limited store hours and personnel problems doesn’t it?

9)  Your blog is worth money.


If you have a proven cash flow and your company is running on automatic, it’s worth money!  If you master the technical side of a money making blog and your financial statement shows profit, you can sell it for 10 times its average monthly cash flow.  Let’s say your blog is making 2,000$ average for the last two years, you could negotiate for a value of 20,000$ on flippa.com.

There are people who have more money than time to learn the stuff.  For you, it’s a way to monetize the time you spent to get there.

That said, if you can get to 2,000$ a month, it’s probably just a matter of getting more traffic to get to 10,000$ per month.  How many people using real estate to flip houses can say they are making that much without having to invest or take a risk or loss when the market crashes?

Consider your blog as a web property.  If you’ve done it once you can do it again much faster.

This is like a life insurance for your family.  In most physical businesses, if the key person disappears, or a fire destroys it or the market blows out, all is not lost if your business runs automatically.

This is a dream that you can make come true if you get started now!

But let’s be clear about this:  The distance between ignorance and knowledge is not as great as the distance between knowing what to do and just doing it!

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