9 good reasons to build your own money making blog (part 2)


The WHY is much more important than the HOW?

Hardly anyone will do what it takes to go to the end of a project if they don’t know WHY they would sacrifice television time, fooling around time or sports fans time.  WHY make the mental effort to learn?  The easy way out is to just coast along and make no waves.  Why build my own money making blog?

In part one we gave the first 3 reasons.  Here are three more good reasons:

Watch the video here:  9 good reasons- part 2

4)  Feeling fulfilled


You may be handicapped or have a long term sickness.  Or you may be in a job situation where you are an engineer working as a janitor to make ends meet.  You may be highly educated from another country but no means to express your talents here.

Well with a blog you can express your vision and creativity before hundreds of people that visit your forum.

Whatever your handicap, it makes no difference on a blog.

You are a real winner!
You are a real winner!

5) You can create your business with very little means

(No financial risk)


Hosting your site with Hostgator.com costs less than 8$ a month.  Choosing a domain name on namecheap.com will cost you around 12$ also.  Word Press is free.  And an auto responder account like Aweber is 19$ a month.

The real investment is the time you need to get yourself trained.  But you do that at home from your computer.

But probably, if you had to buy a franchise with a 100K to 1000K investment and that you lose it all (by contract) if you don’t follow very precisely every single step with at least a 12 hour day time commitment, you would be more driven to succeed.

Eight people out of ten fail in their business in the first five years and often lose their shirt.

You can’t lose your shirt by blogging.  You may not make much money for a while until you get through the learning curve. But if you work at it like a business, you can expect business like revenues in the near future.

If you do what others don’t want to do, you will have, in a couple of years, the time and money which others dream about but still don’t have.                                                                                                                           It only takes 1 year on internet to become an expert in a given area.  An Expert is someone who knows more concerning a subject than 95% of other people.

6) You can become ‘financially independent’ even in

times of crisis


Everyone knows you shouldn’t have all your eggs in the same basket.

My father had the ‘Dutch store’ on the main street of a small town in Ontario.  The town hall decided that the sewer system had to be redone and ripped out the whole street.  Old people had to go over slippery board walks to get to the store.  It was too much effort and they started to look for easier ways to get their groceries.  Unexpectedly, the public works company who had probably put in a bid that was too low went under and was not able to finish the work. The situation stayed that way for two years.  I don’t know how my father survived this event but as a good no-nonsense Dutch immigrant he found the solutions by diversifying his income streams.

What does this have to do with a money making blog?

In times of crisis one product may no longer sell as well.  Then you just find out what people are buying and do reviews on it on your new blog set up with links to the affiliate partner that sells it.  Often 50-75% of the sales price is deposited on your account and they usually pay out the commissions every 15 days like clockwork.

Nothing stops you from having several blogs on different themes that you are passionate about.

Of course what sells very well in times of economic instability is any training in new ways of making money.  And with Internet you can get trained by the best of the best marketers.

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