8 dynamic steps to reach your goal THIS Year (Part 1)



If you aim at nothing you are sure to hit the target (Zig Ziglar)


It seems that the men and women who succeed have established GOALS.  The others that don’t make, who are just as intelligent and talented, neglect this process.  If you don’t have a precise goal, how will you know when you get there?  So here are the 8 dynamic steps to reach your goal THIS year.

Knowing WHERE you want to go demands that you do the effort of thinking it through.

Let’s say that you want to go to a city that is 200 miles away.  It might be useful that to have a map or GPS just to know what direction to take just to get out of your neighborhood or town.

Just follow the road even if you don't 'see' the destination yet
Just follow the road even if you don’t ‘see’ the destination yet

As with any destination, you only see your goal in the last mile or two.


If you leave in the middle of a foggy night, you may not see more that 25 to 50 yards in front of you.  But when those 50 yards are behind you the next fifty will be revealed to you.  But that’s OK.  You know where you want to go!  He, who wants to see the whole trip in advance, has got a problem.  It just doesn’t work that way.

Some people who want to build their own money making blog never ever get started!  They want to understand everything from A to Z before daring to get out of their ‘comfort zone’.  If they knew everything in advance, they would never get married nor have kids.  What you do is, you get going, and you solve the problems as you go.  Isn’t that right?

Hey, it’s fun travelling!  The pleasure is in the trip, right?

People that succeed say it’s ‘both/and’ not ‘either/ or’


We often want contradictory things:

*I want the pleasure of being creative and independent but I don’t want to take any risks.

* I want to travel around the world but I need to finish studying first.

Well you are right.  It’s not an “either/or” proposition but a “both/and”.  You can accomplish first one thing then the other.  You need to decide what the priority is for now.

You have to choose!

Each major decision narrows down your options.  For example, if you decide to go and live in France for a while (like I did), you are likely to learn French and not Chinese (although who knows, if you end up in Chinatown…).  And you may meet the woman or man of your life over there!

But nothing is definite.  You can pause your studying for a while or continue over there.  You may think that this trip will have a negative impact on your career, because your future employer may think it was a lost year.  You haven’t lost anything!  The cultural and linguistic experience is worth gold in ‘world-class’ companies.

But the main thing is, as Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island, said, “The greatest treasure a man has in life is to have a goal

So here are 8 dynamic steps to reach your goal THIS year.

Step N° 1

Choose what you want to accomplish THIS year.  The first idea, that you may have dismissed immediately, may be the very idea you need to consider.  You know, writing out a ‘bucket list’ of 50 things that you’d like to do before you die, is a great idea.  If you advance in your project and you realize that you are on the wrong track or you made a mistake, well, just take another decision to correct it!

Step N°2

Write down your goals on a 3 by 5 card and read them several times a day to maintain enthusiasm.   In France they say ‘spoken words fly away and written words stay’.  You are allowed to modify the goal if you need to or change the method for getting there. But the 5% of people, who really act on their goals, wrote them down.  Do you remember the boy in ‘Chicken soup for the Soul’ (Jack Canfield and Marc Victor Hansen)?


He had a term paper to do on what his dream was.  So he applied himself to describe the 450 acre horse farm and the 2000 square foot house he would build someday.  His teacher gave him an F saying that his dream was not at all realistic for a boy whose schooling was constantly interrupted because his father was an itinerant horse trainer who went from ranch to ranch. “Don’t you know how much it costs to buy a race horse?  Your family doesn’t have the money.  Change your dream, rewrite your paper and I may give you a better mark”, said the teacher.  After thinking it over, the next day the boy handed back his term paper and said, ‘You can keep the F, I’ll keep my dream’.

Who says you can't ?
Who says you can’t ?

He told this story long after, in front of the fireplace where his framed term paper was hanging.  He had shown the 450 acre horse farm and his 2000 square foot house to a group of boys in difficulty who were camping on his grounds.  It was his former teacher that had brought them.  “Yes, I was someone who stole my student’s dreams, but you had enough character to go after it.”

But of course, we know that it was not just character.  He had worked on his dream in great detail AND WROTE IT DOWN!

Step N° 3

Decide on the date by which you are going to do this.  If you don’t decide to commit to a departure date you won’t get you luggage ready.  Many people say to me here in France, that they have always dreamed of going to Canada.  I tell them, I’ve always dreamed of going to France.  ‘I came.  Why have you not gone’?  If you never get around to deciding a departure date, it’s not a goal; it’s just a ‘sugar-candy’ dream.


Making it to Paris
Making it to Paris

Conclusion for part one


If you are into building money making blogs, there might be some things that won’t work out.  But even if you get to only 20% of your money making goals with the first blog, you have already learned the basics.  If you get the two most important things done out of 10 things you put on your list, at least you’ve done the two!                                                                          Even if you only make 500$ a month instead of the 2000$ you were hoping for, it’s not enough, but you can go on a small holiday.  Just decide that, ‘The circumstances are written in the sand, but your goal is written in marble’.  Maybe you need another vehicle to get there.   Now that you know how to do it, you can set up another blog in a ‘niche’ that might bring in 20000$ a month.
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Time flies by very quickly.  Review your goals in the light of these steps and not a one of them will escape you!

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