2 best ways to bring visitors to your website – part 1



Like any store, you want as many people to come in as possible.  Even if they are just ‘browsing’ they may decide to become a customer.  So here are 2 best ways to bring visitors to your website – part 1.

There are courses on traffic generation that will give you many more ways to get your visitor to check out what you are doing.  But this is WP blogging made simple and you don’t want to spend more time than necessary on this,  though it is vital for the sustainability of a money making blog.

Like for choosing on what side of the street you want to rent the store, the mantra of any specialist will be location, location, location!  You may have 50% more foot traffic on the other side of the street and that much more opportunity to sell.  Often we save pennies and lose dollars by choosing the least expensive option.

1)    How to ‘borrow’ the authority of the big websites

The first thing you want to consider is your relationship with the big 3 authority sites, like Amazon, You Tube, and Facebook.  Millions of people come to these sites every day.  In the case of Amazon, they are looking to buy something.  So how can you use these authority sites to bring qualified leads to your blog?

A)    Amazon – What money making bloggers do is they publish a Kindle book (and maybe a paperback with createspace.com).  They use several blog articles they wrote on the same theme and they make a 50 page eBook.  It doesn’t really matter if they make money.  They have one or several offers in the book to download something in exchange of their email or maybe a link to a paid offer on their website.

B)    You Tube – People love watching short videos to learn about a subject that interests them.  Half of all video traffic after 5pm is ALREADY video traffic.  And Cisco predicts that 90% of all Internet traffic by 2015 will be video.  So as Wayne Gretzky would say, “Go where the puck is going to be”.  Go see the videos on the wpbloggingmadesimple channel

Go where the puck is going to be!
Go where the puck is going to be!

You Tube allows you to insert captions and annotations throughout your video by clicking on the + sign on the right side of your player.  Of course you will do a CTA (call to action) every 3 minutes in your video to invite your visitor to click on a link to get your free gift. (Use a Leadbox).

C)    Facebook has all kinds of Facebook groups that might be interested by your subject.  You can create a Fan page with the name of your blog.  There are plugins that will update automatically your different social media accounts like Post Socializer and Syndication Rockstar.

In the case of these 3 authority sites, you are borrowing some of their authority just by being on them.  You can use a plugin to be present on the other social media like, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and so on.  If you want to know what specific strategy to use download the reports by Ryan Deiss at www.digitalmarketer.com.

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